Give your ideas their best chance at success.

Vuka Works is an interactive tool that helps you design a business around your inspired ideas and formulate a clear, well-rounded business proposition.

Whether you are starting your own business or looking to grow an existing business, Vuka Works will help you to tell your story, win support from others and bring clarity to your path forward.


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the product

 “Vuka Works made us think beyond the obvious with an orientation to building a successful products and services early on. It is a must for anybody looking for a modern tool for sharpening a business idea to a pitch-ready level.”

- Marwan Mazaraani, Munich

Vuka Works guides you through a structured, easy-to-follow process to design a great business around your inspired ideas.  It leads you through a series of critical questions and practical exercises. The iterative nature of Vuka Works lets you capture your best thinking as you learn about how to make your idea most valuable and grow your business.



Vuka Works is built on a proven innovation methodology called Business Design. By effectively combining human-centered design and business strategy, Vuka Works helps you to design an inspired and well-rounded business proposition.


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The Book

“The frameworks, methods and tools laid out in this book take Business Design to a whole new level of sophistication … to help build real business value!”

- Greg Elcich, Toronto

If you want to deepen your knowledge and skills on Business Design and how this methodology has worked for other innovators around the world, Heather Fraser’s comprehensive guidebook can serve as an expanded reference as you put this robust methodology to work on your business.


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about us

Vuka [Voo• Kah]:
To reawaken and stir into action.
Origin: Zulu

We believe everyone has the capacity to turn an idea into a business. We designed Vuka Works to give every innovator and entrepreneur access to best practice knowledge and tools to effectively grow their business, whether starting out on their own venture or creating new value within an existing enterprise.