Here's what enthusiastic entrepreneurs from around the world have said about Vuka Works:

“Going through the series of questions and then seeing my project in a nice single page with all the info was valuable. It made me look at the idea from a different angle, almost like I was being pitched.”

Having a good story is like jet fuel. Thinking deeply about critical questions and linking the essential elements of your business logic together will give you a more compelling pitch. Once you’re sold on your idea, others will be more likely to buy in!

"Vuka Works made thinking about my business idea both fun and more tangible. The question prompts triggered me to imagine a greater vision for my company, and then helped me think through how to make that happen."

Big ideas and big ambitions go hand in hand. Defining your driving purpose, expanding your view of the market opportunity, and building your business vision will set your sights high to create and capture value. That will inspire you to get going!

"The framing of the questions were simple and helped me to get out of my own way and clearly address one aspect of my idea at a time."

Building out a strong business idea takes discipline. Vuka Works helps you deeply think through each of the foundational components of your business proposition. That will give you a more comprehensive story and precise game plan to share with others.

"Vuka Works put me on track to translate my idea into a tangible business. The framework guided me to think and connect all the dots in a fun but systematic way. My idea feels real now!"

A well-rounded picture of your business gives you a stronger start. Vuka Works harnesses your insights and ingenuity to help you design a cohesive story. You’ll also know what it will take to activate and grow your business, so the real fun can begin!

“I found the structure of 'explore, assess, focus' to be a strong model. Starting broadly and then putting value on the main element helps to focus in cases of scarce resources and time.”

Designing a successful business is about making deliberate choices. Vuka Works helps you to think more broadly, assess your options, and then make thoughtful choices. That will focus your time and energy going forward.