Vuka Works applies a proven methodology
called Business Design.

By effectively combining human-centered design and business strategy, Business Design helps you to contextualize your opportunity, discover new stakeholder insights, round out your unique offering and translate that into how that will work as a business. The process of exploration, assessment and focus will bring clarity to your business proposition and path forward.

This core methodology draws from decades of business experience, 7 years of academic incubation and training of thousands business practitioners and students, along with years of advanced practical application.

Business design is a practical, learnable discipline that has proven to work across all types of businesses.


business design

There’s nothing more powerful than the combination of design and business practices. Business Design draws upon tried and true design practices - a deep understanding people’s needs, exploring possibilities through iterative prototyping and maximizing value through co-creation - to harness big thinking in a rapid development process. Further, it uniquely combines those practices with business principles on market sizing, monetization, validation, risk mitigation through experimentation, strategic advantage and resource planning.


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3 gears

At the heart of the Vuka Works methodology is the ‘3 Gears of Business Design’ – the essential elements of designing a unique and viable business:
1 - Understanding People,
2 - Visualizing Solutions, and
3 - Strategy & Activation Planning.
This is an iterative exercise that will help you continually refine and advance your business.

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The practice of Business Design has fueled growth in a myriad of businesses, from start-ups to large global enterprises and across many sectors, as captured in Design Works: A Guide to Creating & Sustaining Value.