Vuka Works helps you think through your business idea.

Vuka Works provides a holistic framework, a structured process and practical exercises to stimulate your best thinking. Throughout the process, Vuka Works captures your most precise answers to important questions as you enhance your business proposition.

And while Vuka Works requires deep, disciplined thinking that will truly test the veracity of your idea, it will bring focus to your pursuit and set you on a productive path as you move into action.

With well-considered answers to the most critical questions in building a business, you will have a compelling story to tell and be ready to turn your inspired idea into a business!

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Answer the right questions

Through a series of critical questions, Vuka Works guides you through modules that help you explore important aspects more broadly and deeply, assess these considerations and focus your business proposition. This helps you fill in important ‘blind spots’ and shape a well-rounded story.


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Learn new skills

Short tutorials and practical exercises show how to unlock your best thinking at each stage. Offline activities and easy-to-use interactive worksheets help you work through your thinking and formulate a clear and compelling business proposition.



Make a stronger pitch

As you complete the modules and capture your best thinking, your answers are consolidated into your business ‘story’. As your business idea takes shape and you continue to learn and advance your business, you can evolve your story and share it with others to get ongoing feedback and win support.