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Vuka Works is a product of mass co-creation by a network of innovators and entrepreneurs.

In the true spirit of collaboration, hundreds of people have their thumbprint on Vuka Works: content and skill transfer experts, designers, technology builders, writers, incubator operators, start-up supporters, enterprise leaders, government agencies and investors.   

What we all share is a devotion to giving every aspiring innovator and entrepreneur an opportunity to have their best shot at success through access to the knowledge and tools that have helped thousands of others. There are simply not enough teachers, facilitators and incubators to serve the rising number of people who want to create new ventures.


Heather Fraser, FOUNDER

Heather is passionate about turning ideas into business through the integration of design and business strategy. Celebrated for her bold thinking that inspires and elevates people’s ambitions, Heather is devoted to has empowering others to create and capture meaningful new value.

A seasoned strategist, educator and visionary innovator endowed with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, Heather’s career has spanned the corporate world, creative services and academia. Whether in her capacity as a business leader at Procter & Gamble, Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather, Principal & Executive Vice President at TAXI Advertising & Design, or Executive Director and Adjunct Professor at Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, Heather has left her mark on many businesses and organizations over her career.

In her work through Vuka Innovation, Heather coaches clients on innovation and business strategy, while building their capacity for ongoing innovation. Heather’s clients have spanned the spectrum from start-ups to global corporations, a diversity of organizations in both B2C and B2B sectors, and both private enterprises to government agencies. 

Her pragmatic approach to innovation and value-creation is captured in the enhanced second edition of her book.



Design Lead

Sarah is a thoughtful and prolific communication & user experience designer, with a passion for human-centered design that delights the user. She is highly skilled and agile in working with developers in rapid iterations with an attention to detail and keeping the user at the heart of her work at all times.


Ben Cardarelli


Ben is a start-up enthusiast who shares our ambition for giving every aspiring entrepreneur their best chance at success. Having been involved in start-ups from an early age, Ben is dedicated to igniting the network of entrepreneurs looking for a better tool to tell their business story.

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Social media Lead

Daryl is passionate about getting the word out to innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to kick-start their side hustle or tackle a big pursuit. He’s an entrepreneur himself and believes Vuka Works can help make the best use of any innovator’s time, money and energy in building our their business idea.


Samuel Balzan

Enterprise & Institutional Partnership Lead

Sam is skilled at understanding enterprise needs, defining customization requirements and integrating solutions with partner processes and practices. He brings 18 years of experience in B2B software sales across North America and Europe, and in both private and public sectors.

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Greg Boutin


Greg is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who leads organizations for rapid growth and has raised capital for numerous digital ventures. He is currently CEO of Relay, an insurtech venture, and mentors several entrepreneurs. Greg holds a Stanford MBA and also worked for BCG and Deloitte.


srikanth narayan


Sri is a seasoned business developer, strategist and innovator with operational expertise in development of business from incubation to maturity. He has extensive experience in B2B sales, new venture development and investor relations internationally, and a talent for articulating market opportunities and precisely linking a technology offering to customer and market value.


David Sorger 


David is a serial technology entrepreneur with a keen ability to make quick connections between ideas and market potential. He is customer-driven and pragmatic, and brings a bold and focused approach to translating big ideas into action. He is currently President of Smooth Commerce and consults on marketing and sales for a number of enterprises. 


Collaborators and Contributors

Important contributors to our early development and initial working prototype include Matt Zilli, Dayna Griffiths, Jason Briscoe, Job Rutgers, Will Novosedlik, Ian Chalmers, Robin Uchida, Rob Tait and the talented Normative team. Our learning was enriched by feedback and counsel from hundreds of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and supporters in the entrepreneurial ecosystem internationally. 

We all look forward to extending our network and helping entrepreneurs everywhere!